Reading as a way of life by Kamile

In a fast-paced world, time spent with a magazine and a cup of coffee seem to be a rare self-treatment. However, Kamile Gzibovskyte, co-founder of event planning studio “361forma”, mixes work and leisure with great elegance. She consciously chooses working on herself and reading is a big part of self care.


How would you describe your lifestyle in three words?

Reading, watching, moving. It might be an a bit unusual, yet definitely the most accurate description of my lifestyle. I read a lot of books, magazines, and look for different kinds information on the media. I attend art exhibitions, watch TV shows, and movies. And I move a lot. Walking, riding a bike, doing exercises... I would also add one more word – listening. I just love going out to the concerts, even though it’s impossible during the quarantine.  

You define yourself as a reader of magazines and books. Why is reading an essential part of your life? 

As much as I remember myself, I always used to read a lot. At first, it was only books I read, but growing up I discovered the world of magazines. Reading allows me to travel while sitting at home on the couch. I have a vivid imagination, therefore, I can dream about the impossible, imagine certain stories, generate ideas. Reading is food for thoughts, soul and life. It’s not a hobby anymore. It’s my way of life. Friends always bring me magazines when they come back from trips and on various occasions in general – it perfectly describes who I am.   

Since when did you stumble across magazines and what got your attention?  

I used to live in a small town where magazine shelves were not very impressive, and there were not that many interesting publications to choose from when I was a teenager. When I was about 16, I started buying fashion magazines obsessively. They cost a lot, so sometimes I had to spend my lunch money on them. When I moved to Vilnius, I discovered the bookstore Rudninkai. There were all kinds of magazines and sometimes sales. Now I read much less about fashion and much more about art, culture, travelling, food, interesting people. The choice of magazines is changing, but the need for them does not. When I go grocery shopping, I often find myself standing and looking at the magazine racks, and it’s funny because there are very few of the ones I read, I buy most of them on other platforms. But I’m just happy to look over. 

What makes a magazine interesting for you?  

The first thing that catches my eye is the cover. The visual side and design of the magazine is very important. I have some magazines that to me are even more beautiful than photography albums. Of course, the topic of a magazine is important, as well as the content. I have received some magazines as gifts that are not very relevant to me in terms of content, but they are full of the most amazing images. I like flipping through them. I used to have a subscription to SLACK magazines – independent magazines on various topics. There wasn’t a single one that I didn’t like. If the content wasn’t that interesting or relevant to me, the visuals always made up for it. 

Would you say that magazines are a source of inspiration for you? 

Without a doubt. In magazines, I find motivation and inspiration for ideas. I’m a dreamer and I live in my own world very often, so magazines are deeply inspiring. Sometimes when I think of décor for events I organize, I just see certain images that I find in magazines. They are essential not only for personal development or growth but also at work. 

Speaking about inspiration, what was the motivation behind the events studio “361forma”?  

The biggest motivation to set up my own agency is FREEDOM. Lately, I’ve been thinking and analyzing a lot about how much we have, but always want more. And what makes us happy. The freedom to stay true to my values, to create amazing projects, to communicate with my clients as if they were close friends… I have it all. It’s really hard to work on yourself and it takes an enormous amount of responsibility and discipline, but to be able to slowly drink a cup of coffee in the morning and to go to work at a relaxed pace is priceless. On Sundays, I always hear people complaining about having to go to work on Monday. It’s been three years since I haven’t had this thought. And that’s the biggest motivation.

When it comes to after-work hours, what are your favourite activities?  

My favourite activities are the ones spent with my friends, family and colleagues. I love spending a lot of time in the city: concerts, events, cafés, exhibitions, parks… Talking and spending real time with people is just wonderful. I also love to immerse myself in books and magazines. I watch TV series, cook dinner, play sports. I joke that I even need a separate planner for my free time. I’d better not even begin talking about the call of nature and the need to travel. I haven’t met anyone who wouldn't like it!