Styling life with Gema

We couldn’t be more excited to introduce Gema Liutkeviciute to you! She is a breath of fresh spring air with her inspiring minimalistic style. Her blog Fashion Frame cannot go unnoticed by fashion enthusiasts. We’ve invited Gema for a conversation  about lifestyle, Stay-At-Home fashion, aesthetics and... well magazines of course. Enjoy! 


How would you describe your lifestyle in three words?

Calm. Peaceful. Bright.

Whom or what do you look up to for inspiration?

Usually, it is people on Instagram. I do love fashion, but I really enjoy lifestyle accounts too. The ones where they share the daily life wrapped up in beautiful aesthetics. I also love magazines, Pinterest boards and traveling, when it used to be possible... Going away to another city, absorbing the new culture was always very inspiring for me. 

Has the Stay-At-Home lifestyle changed your perception of fashion?

Yes, definitely. I was never into very dressy looks, high heels and that sort of thing, but now I seek comfort even more. Tight jeans that you can barely breathe in? Something that is definitely not present in my wardrobe anymore. Also, I look at loungewear differently these days, I am now comfortable enough to go out wearing a full set of joggers, and I actually love dressing up a simple and casual outfit like that by adding a nice coat or a blazer and some cool shoes.

What are your favourite clothing items this spring?

A trench coat, a simple long sleeve striped top, a nice pair of sneakers and longer length tailored trousers.

What is the most beloved piece in your wardrobe? 

Probably my bags. I've started curating a small selection of good quality bags that don't cost me thousands, so it takes time to build it, and I love the process! 

Do you have any fashion related secrets or tricks to share?

I think the most important thing is to fall in love with your body first. As cheesy as it sounds, if you don't like yourself, the clothes will not help you feel confident. Of course, it's not that easy, but the least you can do is try to find the body parts of yourself that you do like and then emphasize those with clothing. I also think that having inspirations is important, and that doesn't mean endless scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest. Maybe you have a woman in your life that you aspire to? Maybe there's an actress, a photographer, a public figure, etc. that you could get inspired by? Try to find that, and it will definitely help to get inspired every single day.

How would you describe your aesthetics? 

It's all the things around me. I try to create a space of living where every detail is aesthetically pleasing as much as possible - it includes my outfits, my home interior, and my lifestyle in general. I work as a product manager, so I pay a lot of attention to detail, I really enjoy consistency and continuity of processes, so I kind of build my life aesthetics having these principles in mind. It translates to having an Instagram feed in a consistent colour palette, my home is built around a certain style, and the same goes for my wardrobe.

Besides style and minimalism, I would also add interior design to your interest field. Does it play a significant role in your life?

Yes, for sure. I moved into my new house just over a year ago, so it was a topic of interest for at least a year before that, and it still remains now because not everything is fully done up yet. I absolutely love arranging my home beautiful and still functional - especially during this pandemic we're living in because I spent most of my time at home.

What are the key aspects of perfect leisure time?

It always has to include some good food - I am a lover of breakfast foods, so it is a weekend tradition for me (well at least it was before everything was closed). Otherwise, leisure time has to include some hours outside in the forest because I have a very active dog that loves playing and running around, so it is something that has to be done every single weekend as well. Otherwise, I fell in love with reading again, so that does take some time every day for me nowadays.  

Tell us about your favourite magazines. 

My favourite magazines usually are the ones that have loads of visual content, sometimes even more than words. I adore just flipping through a magazine and being inspired by the beautiful photographies. However, I do like reading interesting stories about interesting people that most of the time I haven't heard about - Lamu Slenis is that kind of magazine for me.