The art of home by Marius

Led by a motto: because nobody is like you, interior designer Marius Simokaitis seeks to inspire his clients and encourages them to live a life they truly love. In this conversation we talk sustainability, perception of home and creative lifestyle.


How would you describe your lifestyle in three words? 

Intense, emotional, creative. I am constantly looking for inspiration even in the smallest details.

Is reading part of your daily routine?

For sure! I am trying to spend every free minute for relaxation. And a good book or a magazine is the most direct path to it. Also, I love the smell of paper very much. Even the scent of our home is inspired by the smell of old books.

What kind of magazines do you like to read?

Mostly it’s interior design magazines, also the ones representing a non-traditional approach to lifestyle. It inspires me in my creative work and encourages for new directions and new challenges.

Is a magazine more a source of inspiration or a form of relaxation for you?

First of all, it is inspiration. But in order to find it you have to be completely relaxed and immersed in the world that the magazine you’re reading invites you to.

How would you define “home”?

Home is a place where we can be ourselves. Completely diverse. It is not only a physical object but also a sense that makes us feel safe. At home, we can be inspired even by the smallest, yet most felt out details. It’s also a story that we create and leave behind.

Could we say that quality over quantity is your perception of interior design? 

Absolutely. Quality and feelings are the main focus of most homes. As I already mentioned, most of the things we have at home need to be felt out. And certainly, these things shouldn’t necessarily be new. I’m a big fan of history of things, so an item that has history will always be a more treasured than the mass-produced and often cheaper items. Such an item must find its way home. And often, for an instant result, we choose items that naturally quickly become redundant, or simply no longer provide inspiration, complicate the space. Consequently, we soon feel the need to search for new items, wasting both our time and financial resources.

Tell us about the OUYOU studio.

OUYOU is a baby of one mother and three different people who inspire and complement each other.  We believe that a home needs to live with us. Natural materials are the perfect way to achieve this feeling. Home doesn’t have to be perfect, it has to represent the way we are. And most importantly, it has to be filled with lots of love. We also love that our clients find room at their homes for sustainable works by Lithuanian creators. Our country has unbelievably talented and creative people. The values they share and the products they create inspire us all a lot.

What do you wish your clients’ homes to feel like?

Most importantly, I wish that a home would inspire the people I create for. It should encourage them to live a life they truly love. One shouldn’t look at home as a place of tidiness, where objects and materials don’t have a single flaw. Imperfectly polished, lively details give us freedom and we see them differently every time we take a look at them, that’s where it becomes a source of inspiration.

What is the most important thing in making a space feel like home?

A feeling. Precisely, because no matter how inspiring and rousing a project is, if it doesn’t surround you with the feeling of relaxation, confidence, and love, there’s little chance it will become a cozy home. At OUYOU, we are all happy creators because our clients radiate so much love and trust! In the end, when the interior is finished, the most beautiful thing to hear is that they don’t want to leave their home.

The best advice for someone dreaming of a new home décor.

Feel and nourish. Do not seek perfection. Experiment and create without following any cliches. This is your kingdom, and you can set your own rules. Let every element live, grow and even grow old with you.