Milk #75

Milk #75

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MilK Magazine is a contemporary children's fashion and lifestyle quarterly magazine based in Paris, France. Family based fashion and ideas, holiday destinations, innovative design, celebrity profiles.


Milk Magazine. Issue 75. Family built.

Meet the families who are changing the way they live, to make their dreams a reality.

"The future is the place"

Where are you from? Where do you live? These questions come up time and time again. As someone who spent most of her childhood in hotels, open-air fincas or at my grandmother's house, putting together this issue dedicated to our "home sweet home" took on special meaning.

Channeling ourselves into our living spaces is an essential part of building family memories. Homes are very personal expressions of how we live and they give our children their backstory. 

Thinking about living spaces became a joyous excuse to meet a range of families, all concerned enough with family happiness to reconsider their own. 

Whether separating or moving town, building our own house, or making your home into an artist's retreat, we explore it all in this issue. 

The parents we met had their own ideals, but held one thing in common: a desire for their children to be happy and thrive. After all, creating a home means far more than simply putting a roof over your children's heads, it's about leaving our loved ones with lasting memories. 

Isis-Colombe Combreas