Milk Decoration #39

Milk Decoration #39

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Milk Decoration is an annually published addendum of Milk, an entire issue dedicated to style and inspiration for contemporary tribes.

Milk Decoration. Issue 39. 

This issue is dedicated to our oldest friends, to those people sitting at the next table at the restaurant, to our friends' friends who are doing up their apartment, in short to everyone who ever asked us to describe the most inspirational interiors of the moment. Inside you will discover a quintessential selection of what is, in our humble opinion, the very best in decoration at this present moment in time.

Meet our avant-garde tribes. 

From Malene Hvidt and Nikolaj Lorentz Mentze and their Scandinavian take on poetic, minimalist Japanese styles to Lauren Piscione and her wabi-sabi villa in Los Angeles, not forgetting the brutalist all-concrete retreat built by architect Ludwig Godefroy in Mexico, or the clever mix of crafts and design that characterises the London flat of young artists Charlotte Taylor, these different interiors all express in their own way today's key trends in interior design. Each perfectly embodies a style or an approach without ever becoming cliched. Perhaps the best example is to be found on the cover: an incredible Parisian town house transformed by architect Federico Masotto, who achieved this result working hand in hand with the owner and a select group of artists and artisans. Full of unexpected associations, the result is a far cry from the typical parquet flooring meets moulding and fireplace combo - architectural and extremely modern, its interior with a whimsical Italian twist never fails to surprise.