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PERFECT is an independent new title representing a departure from the traditional and familiar fashion magazine format. It is a living, breathing creative community bringing a collective intelligence to everything  it does.

PERFECT is headed by Katie Grand, the Founder of LOVE magazine and creator of Dazed & Confused.

Perfect magazine. Issue Zero. 500+ page hard-backed bookish-magazine. 3 kg of pure joy!

The debut issue of Perfect˙ magazine, a luxurious and comprehensive collection of fashion imagery by the most innovative image-makers from around the world. Offering a youthful and optimistic outlook on the contemporary cultural landscape, this landmark publication includes a flexi disc by one of the musical artists featured in the issue. Hsien Ching front cover.

The very first issue is hard-backed and square format, working with Britain’s finest hand-printer using a variety of beautiful papers and finishes. Magazine’s contributors range from the world’s biggest fashion names to diverse emerging talents in the art of image-making. It offers an equal platform to all, enabling them to best express their widespread visions.

Each issue of Perfect˙ will be unique and take a different format, a desirable object in its own right – a tactile, sensuous product showcasing beautiful content, editorial and advertising in the most elevated way.